Dj Robbo (djrobbo) wrote in mix_cd_traders,
Dj Robbo

Electrocore Concourse 1

Check out this new mix

The Electrocore Concourse is a biweekly continuous mix sculpted by robbo of

Bringing you a biweekly installment of some of the hottest new music by signed & unsigned artists and showcasing their best new work.

Tracklist / Electrocore Concourse 1

1. Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko
2. Kid Alex - Fame (Milk & Sugar Club Mix)
3. Anthony Rother - Father
4. Playgroup - Number One (Blackstrobe Remix)
5. Mount Sims - No Yellow Line
6. Mylo - Muscle Cars (Freeform Five Remix)
7. Alter Ego - Rocker
8. Proper Filthy Naughty - Fascination (One Armed Remix)
9. Goldfrapp - El Train (T. Raumschmiere Remix)

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