Luwenth the Lewd (luwenth) wrote in mix_cd_traders,
Luwenth the Lewd

Tech question ?

MP3 rippers, favorite one(s)? Why? What's the current "best way to do it"?

CD Burners, I think I asked this earlier, but I think I don't care. If I can get MP3's ripped right, my apple will turn them into a CD for me. Whee.

Working on the "weird-poppy-stuff".

Might also end up with a "covers, better or odder or poking fun at the original".

I'm realizing that I tend to listen to albums, not just songs. Silly me.
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If you have Itunes man you got everything you need right there, everything is so fucking easy with that thing
i use freerip.
you can find it at
and i havent found a glitch (that wasn't supposed to be there) yet :)
Thanks, that's one I've been using and like.
What's standard good bitrates and sample method? VBR 192 or something like that?
i use CBR 192 mostly
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